Ask Dr. Norm





Let’s face it – even with the “best” parenting, kids don’t always act properly. Consider the news report about a 7-year old boy snuck into an Australian zoo and fed small animals to a crocodile. That’s hardly appropriate behavior!

But while some are quick to point the finger at parents, Dr. Norm debunks the myth that parents are always to blame for their children’s “bad” behavior. Often, serious mental illnesses or genetic traits predispose kids to act inappropriately.

In his new book, Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents, Dr. Norm lays out a step-by-step, straightforward assessment and training program that teaches parents how to recognize the “red flags” of Uncaring Child Syndrome and reshape their children’s behavior in a matter of weeks.

And it’s not just parents who can benefit from Dr. Hoffman’s book. Therapists and even older children will find the tools contained in the book invaluable for identifying and treating behavioral problems.

In addition to his book, Dr. Norm offers some resources on his Web site that can help families identify, deal with, and overcome issues affecting everyday life.   Check out links to a few of these great tools on the right side of this page.