Book Reviews

“Dr. Hoffman's book provides a highly readable guide to the understanding and parenting of uncaring children. The case examples are illustrative and instructional.”

Thomas H. Harrell, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology

“I greatly appreciate and admire this work completed by Norman E. Hoffman, Ph.D.. As a psychiatrist, I feel constantly under undue pressure from my clients and their families to resolve complex life problems by making a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. I am sure that this 'pressure to fix' is felt even more strongly by mental health professionals when imposed by the parents and teachers of difficult children. Finally, someone has the courage to tell the harsh truth."

Phil Sinaikin, M.D., Psychiatrist, The American Board of Psychology and Neurology

“Dr. Hoffman’s Improvement Program, now outlined in this book, has been extremely helpful and taught me to redefine my own parenting skills.  I have learned to avoid getting upset, am calmer with my son, and feel better than I have in years.”

Paula Shepherd, Mother

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