Family Toolkit

Families face a wide array of challenges in today’s often hectic world.  Dr. Norm recommends the following resources to support parents, and their children, as they cope with the day-to-day - and unexpected - realities of life.

Resources from Dr. Norm

Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents by Dr. Norman Hoffman

Dr. Norm offers hope for parents who have been forced to accept guilt for he antisocial behavior of their children.  It is a manual that challenges not only classical and modern psychology, but also puts an end to the popular myth, “There are no bad children, only bad parents.”







Hear The Music: A New Approach to Mental Health
by Dr. Norman Hoffman

As one of the founders of music therapy, Dr. Norm's Hear the Music: A New Approach to Mental Health, presents a new and effective therapeutic vehicle.  This work is the logical result of original investigations in the field of Music Therapy.  It should be regarded as basic -- the first systematic approach based on innovative but experimentally sound investigation, as well as brilliant observation.   Order this book directly from Dr. Norm.  (link to order page)







Recommended Reading


The Difficult Child: Expanded and Revised Edition  by Dr. Stanley Turecki

Temperamentally difficult children confuse and upset even experienced parents and teachers.  They are often demanding, defiant, stubborn, loud, impulsive, or wild.  Some can be clingy , shy, negative, whiny, and picky.  Most are impossible at bedtime, mealtimes, or in public places. Tantrums, even “meltdowns” are common.  But even the worst behavior may not be your child’s fault – or yours, either!  Dr. Stanley Turecki offers compassionate and practical advice to parents of hard-to-raise children.






Toughlove by Phyllis York, David York, and Ted Wachtel

How do you love an impossible teenager?  Thousands of parents are finding new hope in dealing with rebellious teenagers through a self-help program which has grown throughout the United States and Canada.








Toxic Parents by Susan Forward  

All parents fall short from time to time. But Susan Forward pulls no punches when it comes to those whose deficiencies cripple their children emotionally. Her brisk, unreserved guide to overcoming the stultifying agony of parental manipulation--from power trips to guilt trips and all other killers of self worth--will help deal with the pain of childhood and move beyond the frustrating relationship patterns learned at home.