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Therapist Dr. Norman Hoffman (Dr. Norm) is convinced that too many parents are undeservedly getting blamed for the nasty behavior of their children, and he’s doing something about it. In writing his book, Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents, he’s given parents of kids displaying antisocial behavior the tools to “rewire” their children’s thinking in order to reshape their actions.

With decades of practical and clinical experience, Dr. Norm is a licensed family and marriage therapist and President of the National Board of Forensic Evaluators. He has helped print, broadcast, and web reporters with research, insight, and commentary on child and family counseling issues.

Whether in print, on the air, on camera, or via the web, Dr. Norm adds a unique and thoughtful perspective to any story. He is available for media interviews to discuss his innovative Improvement Program for Bad Children, his 2-day Transformation Program for parents of difficult children, and his important book Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents, currently available on Amazon.

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