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New Site Offers Hope and Healing to Parents of “Difficult” Children During Holiday Season and Beyond

Leading Author / Therapist Provides New Resource So Families of “Bad” Children Can Survive -- and Thrive

Ormand Beach, FL -- November 18, 2008The holidays should bring peace, harmony, and treasured memories, but too often the stress of the season can foster difficult, even disorderly conduct among troubled children. Tantrums, defiant reactions, even disruptive, aggressive outbursts can destroy a family gathering and leave parents asking, “What did I do wrong?”

To help parents facing these challenges, Dr. Norman E. Hoffman, author of Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents and licensed mental health counselor and marriage and family therapist today announced the launch of, an online resource to enable parents to handle the difficulties – be they occasional or constant – with their growing children. Providing direct answers, helpful articles, free audio seminars, and the new exclusive blog, DrNormCares, the website puts and end to “blame-the-parent” myths and provides concrete steps for parents ready to take back control of their homes and bring peace into the lives of their children.  To read the full release, click here.